is  a writer and publisher of spiritual books. 

She writes:

"Thank you so much for creating this wonderful website in memory of Tom Johanson who I knew from 1968 to 1982. I also knew his lovely wife, Coral Polge, but did not know she had passed on. Is it possible to include a link to my web site?" 


Story and Lee work separately now. 

Lee writes the highly recommended monthly Energy Forecast Blog from Brighton, UK.

Story has his own web site, too, seemingly made to some extent in Los Angeles

The followimg article was witten in 2009

Spiritual philosophy, practical advice and heart warming self-healing audio and video programs by two excellent (and humorous) young channelling mediums from Brighton, UK. They really present the many facets of inner truth in the most modern, simple and practicable way with no strings attached. They teach people via the Internet how to discover their deepest creative energy, our God power within themselves - and all this for free. "Creating outside the box" they call it. Some useful exercises are included as an audio program on their website


This is the new generation of soul healers and mediumship and very worth watching. They can trigger of a peaceful, reassuring awareness in your mind - a consciousness of things that we actually always knew, but somehow tend to forget. They can make your spirit dance, your mind relax und your soul sing.

More about Story and Lee in my editorial note in the news section of We invite you to have a look at them and visit their website. You may gain something you might not have expected - far away from the esoteric roadshow -something deep, loving and touching. Like every truly good healer they touch people deeply - their work can start changing lives.

The opening text of their website (both a simple,  encouraging synopsis of the basics of the world's spiritual philosophy in one page and a real feel-good text) is called

The Meaning of Life in 700 Words

Der Sinn des Lebens in 700 Worten

by Story Waters and can be downloaded as a PDF in English and German Version from our website, too (courtesy of

PS. If you still feel this is not for you, show it to your grown up children and their friends, they might just love it... :-)



 was a great friend of Tom and organized his Munich lectures and healing. She is also a great health and intuitive massage expert, teaching Qui Gong and Ayurveda and the German organizer of the Dalai Lama. We highly recommend her German  website "DANA" about traditional Tibetan medicine, culture and healing:

DANA  e.V.

More about Inka Jochum and her healing and teaching work in her web site "Inka Jochum - Happy Energy"

Inka Jochum's therapeutic self-healing books are very  popular and contain good practical exercises. In German. Click below to see her books:



is an experienced psychic healer and expert in 

herbal and natural medicine in Germany.

He studied healing with Tom Johanson and Diana Craig and is practicing for a long time successfully a variety of spiritual and psychic healing methods including alpha therapy, visualisation and regression techniques. 

More (in German) on his website:


Healing through the sound of the human voice

works with the healer and spiritual lecturer Rotraut von Carnap in Stuttgart/Germany and specialises in a fascinating form of energy balancing, healing and self-understanding by finding each person's individual basic sound frequency in the human voice. The therapy and process of finding yourself and your inner balance works through the help of your own voice. This unusual approach is a powerful help for spiritual/acoustical self-balancing techniques that can be practiced for a short time every day.

Gunda Dietzel has written a book about the "Nada-Brahma" healing system, based on the research and teachings of her teacher, the Indian musician and natural scientist Dr.Vemu Mukunda (who passed in 2000, see picture above). The book exists in German, English and French. Excerpts are on the Internet as a PDF document. To read it in German click here. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

More on her website


click picture of seed above to learn more about Dr. Anand's herbal healing


is an experienced medical doctor in Glasgow/Scotland, who has done an extensive research in the field of highly potent herbal remedies. He has successfully treated Coral Polge and Tom Johanson in their late years and we found his herbal extracts extremely helpful. These remedies can be taken in addition to any other medicine without negative side effects, we found. We have seen patients with memory loss, circulation problems and even with breast cancer that felt essentially better after Dr. Anand's treatments. We found Dr. Anand's herbal extracts very helpful and powerful. With the e-mail link below you can contact the doctor and describe your problem. Dr. Anand will first carefully examine your condition and then create an individual mixture of herbal extracts for your problem to help your healing process. 




is an excellent Scottish medium and a close friend of Tom Johanson and Susi Lauer. His mediumistic work can be experienced in his seminars in Switzerland, Germany, England and the US. More about Bill on his website


A Swiss spiritual healer and close friend and student of Tom who is sharing with Tom the compassion, love and healing for animals and is working both with human and animal patients. She has appeared on major German TV talk shows ("Fliege") and is healing, advising and teaching in a church, through seminars, personal appointments and on distance. She works from Basel, Switzerland, and can be contacted for serious inquiries. She has no Internet connection, but  you can write to her through this web site. Please write her name in the message title and your message will be forwarded to her. Type: ANDEREGG into the subject field of your mail.

Info text about Ms. Anderegg

in a lecture announcement from 2002


The visionary art of

Alex Grey

is worth seeing for everybody.

Inspired by his own spiritual experience and Tibetan Buddhism is this world famous Brooklyn painter and multimedia artist. His artworks show the healing energy, the physical and psychic body, encounters with loving beings of light and confrontations with the end of matter, transformation, death and rebirth.

His multimedia project "Sacred Mirrors" allows you to see on-line on the internet the multiple states of physical and non-physical human life in a MacroMedia flash animation that lets you follow your own speed and direction.

Go to the visionary art of Alex Grey

View Sacred Mirrors

On this website "Chapel of Sacred Mirrors", click left "Sacred Mirrors", then top right "View the Sacred Mirrors"


(Click above to see all of them)

If you like to watch animated photographs or little 3-D flash movies to make you dream - here are some links to a few that

 I made. If you like them, please feel free to download and use them. They are just  there for your joy.

Drikung Kagyu Animations

made for the birthday of His Holiness 

Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche

The Seasons

A Flash 3-D meditation on the change of the seasons created in Vue6 Esprit

Scotland and the Scottish Isles

Flash Photo Gallery of mystical moments 

in the isles of West scotland

and much more (click top headline)...

Harry Edwards Organisation

Harry Edwards was the father of British spiritual healing and one of the greatest mediums and healers of the 20th century. He was living in England and had students from  all over the world,. He was also a close friend of Tom Johanson, they often worked together on public healing demonstrations, like the famous event at Trafalgar Square in London, to campaign for the right of  free use of spiritual healing and psychic diagnosis. 

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary offers healing and insight in many ways by healers that Harry Edwards had initiated into healing and meditation and others.



is a nationwide British organisation that has healer members all over England, Scotland, Wales. They also have a section how to find the right healer. The NFSH is one of the largest healing organisations worldwide and has been part of the government's decision to allow healers as a complimentary therapy in hospitals. On the NFSH website are all sorts of information both about how to find a healer and how to become a healer and train to help other. For more click below or the NFSH logo above.


DR. ANTON AND MARIE-LUISE STANGL were great friends of Tom and are working as lecturers, book authors, healers and seminar organizers in Germany. Their crossover between Western and Eastern philosophy, Buddhism, self-centering and spiritual healing has (similar to Tom's) an universal approach.

Read their books (in German) that also contain seminar contacts and self help advice. 

Click below for books of Dr. Anton Stangl:

Dr. Anton Stangl

Click below for books of Marie-Luise Stangl:

Marie Luise Stangl


VEDALOGIE healing clinic

in Luzern and Thun, Switzerland

"FRIEDWALD" is a fascinating project by Tom Johanson's close friend and Swiss seminar organizer Uli Sauter - a wonderful  alternative way of resting in peace in midst of nature. Have your ashes spread in a peaceful beautiful forest instead of a graveyard - your remains will be not amongst the dead, but the living.



Books from Tom Johanson, Coral Polge, Dr. Anton and Marieluise Stangl and others in our books page on this website. Articles from or about Tom Johanson check the articles page on this web site. More texts about this subject in the spiritualist newspaper "Psychic News" that featured a lot of their work in the websites  "Spiritualism" and "Tiscali Lifestyle" More from "Psychic News" archive and other spiritualist articles at the "Psychics and Mediums Network". Articles about Spiritualism in general from "Noah's Ark Society"

Coralface04.JPG (258347 bytes)

click photo to enlarge

Links related to 

Coral Polge

and her psychic work

Spirit helpers - with drawings by Coral Polge

A tribute to the world-famous psychic artist

One of Britain's teaching mediums

Reference Gallery Coral Polge

Psychic Art

National Spiritualist Association of America

Experience with Coral

Stephen O'Brien with Coral Polge

Stephen O'Brien website

Psychic picture of Dr. Kruger by Coral

Psychic Art explained

Jenseitsforum - German website about Coral and spirit communication

German article about British Spiritualism including Coral

Coral also dedicated a great part of her work to the Spiritualist churches in Great Britain. Even if we don't know any specific people there, we include here the links to UK spiritualist churches

links to UK spiritualist churches and organisationS

from THE SPIRITUALIST NATIONAL UNION (SNU) website that are useful for search on psychic subjects. The SNU is also running the Stansted based Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Studies, where Coral used to work and where her ashes are buried under a rose bush.

SNU Affiliated Bodies in the UK

Aberdeen Spiritualist Centre
Bolton Spiritualist Church
Camberley Spiritualist Church
Croydon Spiritualist Church
Glasgow Association of Spiritualists
Long Eaton Spiritualist Church
Newcastle Spiritual Evidence Society
Swindon Spiritualist Centre & Healing Sanctuary
Tunstall Spiritualist Church
Warmsworth and Edlington Spiritualist Church
Widnes Spiritualist Church
Uxbridge Spiritualists Association

SNU Affiliated Bodies Overseas
The Journey Within
SNU Affiliated Body in The USA.

Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation Inc.
SNU Associate Body in Melbourne, Australia.

District Council Websites
South Western District Council

Other Sites
Spiritualists' National Union Trust
Much of the Trust Property Committee's help is given through its close liaison with the SNU Trust and it makes applications to the SNU Trust on behalf of churches for advances to repair, maintain or improve Church property or purchase freehold or leasehold premises. Only churches which are in Sole Trust can have access to the borrowing facilities of the SNU Trust and the conditions of repayment of such advances are extremely favourable in comparison with loans from banks or building societies (many of which are precluded by their constitutions from lending to churches).

CARE Spiritualism
CARE Spiritualism - A congregational religious association of Spiritualist people and groups, offering ordination and education, training, and certification in all aspects of Spiritualism, but with ideas that suit the new millennium.

First Spiritual Temple
"The First Spiritual Temple is a non-denominational Christian Spiritualist Church. Our Christian faith is rooted within the philosophy -- rather than the modern movement's religion -- of Spiritualism. The Church was founded by Marcellus Seth Ayer on June 28, 1883. Our house of worship and study, also known as the First Spiritual Temple, was dedicated to God, Christ and Spirit in September of 1885."

Monash Spiritual Centre
Monash Spiritual Centre Inc, Melbourne is made up of a group of "ordinary" people whose spiritual beliefs are based around the Spiritualist philosophy. Our aim is to provide a venue where you can learn about Spiritualism and discover more about your real self in an open and friendly environment.

Mystic Mouse
An ever increasing spiritual and psychic site with pages of information, events, therapists directory, spiritual church locator, healing book, interactive discussions, crystal database, a constantly growing links page and much, much more. It's worth a visit just to see Mystic himself!!

"Spirit Tales" is primarily a mail-order service based in Canada specialising mainly in "hard-to-get" quality books about the 'Human Spirit, the Spirit World, Spirit Healing, Spiritualism, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Native American, Nature, Wilderness, Near Death Experiences,' and a few other specialised categories.

UK Healers
Update yourself on Spiritualist Healing and the progress of the Developmental Lead Body in the UK as it is today. This site has been especially created to keep Spiritualist Healers and all those interested in it fully up-to-date with what is going on.

Institute of Spiritualist Mediums (ISM)
An organisation dedicated to the Promotion, Teaching and Development of Spirit Communication.

R J Lees
A site dedicated to the work of spiritualist Robert Lees

We received the following information about 

German Spiritualist Healing

(based on British Spiritualism)

through an e-mail from our reader Mr. John Olford

"I have just visited your website at with interest... Please feel free to visit our website at or via We offer the official NFSH Healer courses in Germany. 

In addition we offer here courses in mediumship development in the tradition of British Spiritualism. My wife and I are both NFSH healer members and also members of the SNU (Spiritualist National Union)."  

Olford.jpg (42054 bytes)

Picture: John and Tina Olford

Lotus Spiritualist College

Deubach, Waldstr. 1, D-86459 Gessertshausen, Germany

Tel: +49 8238 90033

Fax: +49 8238 90034



General Spiritual Links

(in German language)

Datenbank Kosmos (Cosmic Data Base)

"Schöpfen aus dem Ozean des Wissens"

(From the ocean of knowledge)

by Reinhard Eichelbeck ("Esotera" 98)

Articles to the subjects below

Begegnung mit liebevollen Lichterscheinungen

(Meeting with loving light beings)

Mit den Augen und Ohren des inneren Menschen

(Eyes and ears of the inner man)

Von der Klosterzelle zum Samadhi-Tank

(From monastery to Samadhi-Tank)

 Mit Helfern zu anderen Schwingungsebenen

(Helpers to other vibrational levels)

Eine Schlüsselfrequenz im Delta-Bereich

(Key frequencies in the Delta phase)

 Der unerforschte Ozean der Allwissenheit

(The unexplored ocean of infinite knowledge)

view (in German) the complete


(Please send us links of of any related good web sites you know about.)

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