"Healing Hands" 3-D animation

If you like to watch some animated photographs or little 3-D flash movies 

to make you dream, here are some links to a few that I made. 

If you like them please feel free to download and use them.

They are just there for your joy.

0buddhabubble-x07wide-beams.jpg (552671 bytes)

Drikung Kagyu Animations

made for the birthday of His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche

The Seasons

A Flash 3-D meditation on the change of seasons created in Vue6 Esprit

Scotland and the Scottish Isles

Flash Photo Gallery of mystical moments in the isles of West scotland

3-D Meditation

Flash 3-D computer animation

Cosmic Art

Flash movies with music - a journey through the universe

You need Flash 8 or 9 (get it free here) to see the Flash videos. Please be patient during download.

Flash videos can take 1 - 5 minutes until  completely loaded depending on its length, the speed of

your computer and your Internet connection. Only after complete download will you see the full 

animation. Before you may see parts of it but they often don't move smoothly and images can

be missing. After the first full download the files are stored in your system and load faster.