Anu Anand 2006 in Easdale, Scotland

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during a journey to the Scottish Isles,  2006

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Dr. Anu Anand

passed unexpectedly to spirit on July 21, 2008. This is a very great loss for humanity and for the medical science. He was the best and most compassionate doctor that I have ever met in life and a wonderful, lively and passionate man. In his 75 years of life he cured many people that modern medicine could not help. He developed a series of nearly 50 herbal medicines (from which some are patented) of astonishing efficiency that had a fantastically positive impact on diseases like breast cancer, high blood pressure, Parkinson and age-related memory loss. I have seen them working myself on many so-called incurable patients, including Tom Johanson and Coral Polge. It is a tragedy that this wonderful, life loving man died shortly before his great medical discoveries were about to be officially recognised and world-wide distributed. I have never seen any other herbal medicines working so remarkably well without any negative side effects. 

Anu Anand was a master of healing and a source of love, encouragement, inspiration and wisdom for his friends. He was a invaluable medical doctor with the heart and spiritual gifts of a healer and the mind of a genius and scientific explorer. But besides all that he was simply a lovely, wonderful friend who I am very proud and grateful to have met. It was a pure pleasure to spend time with him and I am sure and deeply hope that everyone there where he is now, will enjoy his company, spirit and knowledge as much as we all did. Let us all wish him well on his journey and God bless him, wherever he is now. 

Good luck to you, Anu, happy travels and happy returns. I will miss you and think of you a lot - and I am glad that I still have one of your medicines, as long as your last bottle lasts. Goodbye, my great friend. I am sending you all my love. Thank you for everything that you have done for people - for myself, for others and for the human kind. Your kindness, humour, dedication and love will always be remembered and we miss you terribly, even if we know that you are  somewhere around and will be with us, forever. I sincerely hope that your wonderful medical work will not get lost and continue in some way to be useful for the world. In spite of the sadness of your departure there will be always a wonderful, lasting memory of every minute with you, we will keep deeply in our hearts all the joy that your lovely, vibrant soul has given and all the fun and good times that we had together. Stay always well. May God always keep you safely and gently in the palm of His hand. A big, big cosmic hug from all of us to you, Anu.

Michael Pakleppa

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