The following article by Dr.Anu Anand.M.B.B.S, MRCP is describing some basics of the large spectrum of herbal remedies he is working on.



While working as a medical doctor first in India then in the UK over the period of 30 years I developed a passionate interest in plant based remedies.

As a doctor It was so difficult to affect the course of chronic diseases and we were treating them continuously and usually the diseases were progressing and worsening. This was a big dilemma for me and I tried these herbal remedies, some of them were for different uses of the well known and not so well known plant materials. My main interests were asthma, psoriasis, allergic skin disorders, Osteo arthritis and circulatory problems.

If I treated them with plant based extracts their improvement was astounding. This was the basis of my serious researches at different universities in the world on different subjects. This work led to a few patents - and more work could have been done, if I would have had any financial support, as everybody knows that medical research is very expensive. I was funding it all so far from my personal funds.

One of my other areas of interest was memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. I have treated many patients with Alzheimer’s disease - their improvement was some times remarkable. This was verified both by their relatives and by the attending physicians.

Some of these remedies will be made in India by a GMP manufacturing unit and they can be available, if anybody wishes to utilize this possibility. An e-mail can be sent and it can be discussed and arranged.

 I even treated Tom Johanson and his wife when she was extremely ill in London and happily she recovered.

My research continues and I believe strongly that in our natural plant kingdom we have many elegant answers for treating and curing diseases. I believe I have found a good few answers. My work has gone through multiple departments of research at different universities including those in Glasgow. I hope I can convey the message that the answers to most difficult problems are usually very simple.

Working with me is Dr. Hina Ali PhD helps me sometimes in this work and she has quite an innovative brain I am grateful from her help. I have also worked with many different professors and scientists at different places across the world and I am indebted for the help and cooperation.

Dr.Anu Anand.M.B.B.S, MRCP.  

(We regret to inform you that  Dr. Anand has  passed to spirit on 21 July 2008 and the remedies are currently not available)