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Tom's way of healing

Spiritual Healing, as Tom practiced and taught it, was always entirely free. It came from a deep spiritual source inside of him that was flowing through him and was healing the whole person rather than only the specific disease. But the physical effects of it were very impressive and sometimes sensational.

Tom became a pioneer of spiritual healing and a master in psychic diagnosis, often successfully used by doctors and in hospitals world-wide. Amongst his early teachers and friends were Harry Edwards and a monk and psychic whose name we don't know. In his later years he became also very attracted to Tibetan Buddhism and philosophy.

Tom was one of the first healers who co-operated closely with doctors and health organisations world-wide. He and Yolanda Betegh built bridges to science in experiments, lectures and demonstrations trying to unite conventional medicine and alternative healing. They were highly convinced that future medicine needed to be a harmonious combination of all ways of healing and all methods that approach the body, the mind and the spirit in one - the whole person.

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If you are looking for

a medium or a healer

I suggest to start your own journey of search anywhere you like (ask around your friends, visit a book shop, even check the Internet, if you have no other idea) and follow your heart. Don't leave your brain at the entrance door, be critical, but open and decide for yourself. Don't spend a fortune on it and don't get obsessed with future prognosis. Don't trust a medium's intuition more than your own. And don't expect a healer to cure you without your help. It is all about you curing yourself with the help of a healer that you feel comfortable with.

You can feel yourself, what is right for you. There are a lot of idiots and power- or money-based offers out there in the wide and weird psychic/spiritual/new age field, but also a lot of very genuine, loving and helpful people with great gifts coming from all walks of life. To discover them is your job (and your fun). If you feel that what they do or say is wrong or simply not your thing, don't waste further time on them, just move on and keep your eyes (and your heart) open.

Some people who we find interesting or that we know can be found in the NEWS and LINKS section. But if anyone of them is the right one for you, we honestly don't know. That is for you to decide. Good luck on your journey.

Michael Pakleppa


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