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This website is also dedicated to my great healer and wonderful friend Yolanda Betegh with all my love

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A Life for Healing

by Michael Pakleppa

Yolanda Betegh was one of the greatest spiritual and psychic healers of the 20th century. One patient (who had started skeptically with her treatment) called her once " an atomic bomb of healing energy".  She was famous for her powerful psychic gifts that included clairvoyance, psychic diagnosis, healing and psychic surgery as well as telekinesis.  Yolanda dedicated her whole lifeto  healing and was especially famous for mass treatments in which she was able to give  healing large groups of people in one and to us the collective life force as a healing impulse. 

For the Parapsychological Society of the United Nations and the NASA she conducted parapsychological and telekinetic experiments. In many healing journeys to Eastern and Western Europe, all over USA and South Africa Yolanda healed and taught healing her whole life.

In the age of 75 she passed peacefully to spirit. She fell asleep in her armchair -  in her family's home in New York - after  she had just returned from a long healing tour to Germany. That was typical for her life: she came to any place in the world, stayed and healed - and left to the next place, always "on the road" spreading healing to everyone who called for help anywhere in the world.

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Yolanda has healed thousands of people. She healed me from cancer and started my way into healing and the understanding of the spiritual and energetic nature of everything. Without her I would not have met Tom Johanson or any other healer or psychic later in my life. And ultimately I would not have made this website without her.

Tom Johanson and Yolanda knew each other and liked each other very much. In his later years when Tom himself went through a heavy phase of illness he felt as if Yolanda was healing him from the spirit world.

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Yolanda was not only an exceptional natural healer, who had never learned healing anywhere. She just realized one day in the age of 19 that she could heal other people by transmitting energy - either by touching them or on distance She saw it as a transfer of human magnetism, biomagnetic energy fields - similar to the idea of Mesmerism. 

She wrote a book about the nature of her healing that did not require any religious belief system, about the polarities in men and nature and the interaction of magnetic energy fields creating and re-creating the physical world including the body. Unfortunately nothing of her work is currently in print.

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Yolanda's way of healing was totally different from Tom's - it had a clear set of rules and rhythms. The treatment was usually a series of 10 sessions with at least 1 day pause between each treatment. In this consecutive series of treatments certain days were "reaction days" which meant that the health problem got for some short hours even worse whilst the body chemistry started changing. It was like a cleansing process that caused the body to start healing itself. 

Yolanda's special strength was distant healing. She could concentrate on distance whenever needed. She did not need any special setup or surrounding. She concentrated very highly in just a few seconds, so that she could start healing in just any surrounding  - including factories, streets or public areas. She was like a living battery that attracted the life force into her own body and transmitted it from there. Her way of psychic diagnosis worked in a similar way. She felt the disease of her patients painfully in her own body, as if her nervous system was "reading" the signals of the other nervous system. In heavy cases of illness she needed sometimes for herself an intense time of cleaning and re-balancing afterwards to get rid of the negative energies of her patients. In such moments she seemed to attract and neutralize the negative energy of her patients and transform it into a healing impulse.

In mass treatments she seemed to use everybody's energy in the circle and re-channel it as a force of healing. She believed that mass treatments have a stronger impact and could demonstrate this sometimes impressively.

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Yolanda Betegh was born in Transylvania, between Hungary and Rumania and lived in Hungary till she emigrated to the US and became an American citizen based in New York. She used her home only as a center to touch base quickly and was most of her time traveling to places all over the world.

In her private time she was incredibly creative and artistic: wrote books, created hundreds of tapestries and embroideries, wrote short stories, poems and puppet plays, appeared in films and raised a son that became a famous architect in New York. She was a wonderful cook and an outburst of hospitality. Art, theatre, film, literature and the media were some of her interests - she was a widely traveled, cosmopolitan woman, free and liberated, open for any experience and challenge life has to offer. A woman that fulfilled her life to the fullest by giving love through healing to everybody who passed her way.

To honor Yolanda we produced in 1981 a documentary, "The Power" during one of Yolanda's many healing journeys which is now available for downloading  on this web site

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