6 DVDs with a complete Tom Johanson Seminar in Freudenstadt/Germany, 1987. 9 hours video in 5 lectures. 

Currently not available for sale.

Tom Johanson über Depression

(German excerpts from the book "Zuerst heile den Geist")

German Seminars

Tom in Meersburg 1986

Seminar Tom Johanson Luzern

28/29 Mai 1994

Friedensuniversität / Peace University, Berlin

Seminar speech about the law of polarity in Germany, 1995, by Tom in one of the most spectacular world peace conferences of spiritual teachers, philosophers, artists, politicians and media stars from all over the world including Ram Dass, Stanislav Grof and HH The Dalai Lama. There is a video recording of Tom's speech that can be bought through the Internet. See films or click below:

Jacob's Ladder (Die Jakobsleiter)

German seminar 1996 about reincarnation, healing and the deeper meaning of life held at Schweisfurth Stiftung (Schweisfurth Foundation) in Germany. Available through Schweisfurth Foundation.

Frankfurter Ring

The prestigious German multicultural club of lecturers about fundamental human issues is featuring Tom on its website as their teacher and guest amongst some of the world's most highly regarded speakers, thinkers, philosophers, artists and Lamas. To view their web page - click Frankfurter Ring

Krank durch Karma - 

der tiefere Sinn hinter dem Leid

Seminar by Tom Johanson in Basel, interview about the "PSI Tage" (ESP Days) 1994, Basel from "esotera" magazine

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