Photos of Psychic Art 

by Coral Polge

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Above: Maurice de la Tour, French painter 17th century, Coral's Spirit Guide - Below: a psychic portrait that she painted long before she knew who he was or anything about him

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"I don't actually see the person I am drawing, I am rather drawing what I feel than what I see. Its something about the personality I am drawing that comes over me and it is developing as I am drawing. Sometimes I get so many links that I start mixing the influences and get wrong results. I cannot concentrate on a specific person, I am drawing whichever spirit of whatever person links with me."

"Everything, my surrounding, my state of balance, even the weather can affect it. So sometimes my work can be quite brilliant, other days it just doesn't work and I start wondering if I lost the gift. As a medium you are always a channel and not always the most perfect channel. But there a days when you connect so clearly that you surprise yourself."

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Above: Tom Chantrell, Art Director ("Star Wars") and graphic expert.

Coral drew pictures of his father without knowing Tom Chantrell at all. The father had passed 38 years before the drawing.

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Tom Chantrell's father

 Tom Chantrell about Coral's work:

"I am actually skeptical. But this is an incredible likeness. That's a better likeness of my father than I could do, if I had drawn him from memory - and nobody has seen him for 38 years. All the details she gave about him match perfectly. I don't know how to explain this - it's inexplicable."

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