He Will Always Be With Us

Memories of Tom's Journey to Tibet

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This picture of the Himalayas is in memory of Tom Johanson and his journey to Tibet.

In his late years Tom Johanson became more and more interested in Tibetan Buddhism. He became friend with the Dalai Lama and traveled to Tibet itself, where he met the High Lama in Lhasa and spoke with him about the essence of Buddhist philosophy. He had a number of visions of an earlier incarnation of the Dalai Lama, some hundred years ago and could describe him.

Tom not only remembered that he himself had lived in the Himalayas in another life, most likely in Tibet. He also saw in Tibetan Buddhism the ancient source of his own, freedom and self-evolution-based spiritual philosophy.

His last book has not been finished. It was about the essence of Buddhist teachings for a modern Western life and understanding.

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Tom's landscape paintings  

Nelson the cat

 Coral photo memories

 Tom's favorite song

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