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From: Barbara Ulrich, Switzerland


Dear Forum Member

Tonight, I had a client at my house for a treatment. It just so happened, that during the treatment, a healer appeared and showed me how to touch this person. It was a group of English healers behind him attending the whole healing session. This group gave us wonderful blessings and an exchange of light insights.

Later, I looked up the internet to find Tom Johanson and Carol. It was Tom's face which gave instructions very clearly.
This is a most wonderful support that so happened tonight and I would like to share this with your group.

Maybe, you can tell me more about the present time which seemed to open up to the English healer's guild guided by Tom?

With warmest regards
Barbara from Switzerland

Shall we publish your letter on the web site?

Yes, to let people know that he and the guild support healing activities - even without consciously getting in touch with them.

From: Linda Peate,


24 June 2004

l have met coral where she did a drawing of a lady, she was spot on with her evidence, spoke of the spiritual and psychic gifts of the family, and she spoke of my great granddad when he used a pony and trap, l am lucky to be able to ask the drawing her name 'Alice' which was confirmed by a medium, wishing coral well in her new life, and joy of her loved ones in spirit god bless
linda xx

From: Beatrice Anderegg

11 April 2004 

Dear Tom, 

where ever you are: 

I just remembered that today is your birthday! And it is easter as well. So then I wish you happy birthday ( even if in the meantime you are born again, be it in heaven or again on earth) ! Its only a few weeks ago that I bought myself finally a computer and was very surprised to find something about myself on your page "links". So I can add now my e-mail address:
Who was it anyway who made this beautiful web site on you? Susi or Michael? Whoever it was, happy easter to you!
So dear Tom, you see, I haven`t forgotten you and I never will! I even dedicated a few chapters on you and Coral in my book, which will be published about in June "Mein Weg zum Urvertrauen" subtitle "Geistiges Heilen - Station der Hoffnung".

Lots of love, Beatrice

From: Tom Hockemeyer []

Sent: 18 July 2002 23:56


Subject: Trutz Hardo


I just found out that TOM passed away. But this is not the proper word. For he is still with us - invisible though. He was a great friend of mine and I must confess that there are only very few men in this world who have this magnetic impact on people. He convinced thousands of people that there is no death. He has healed as well thousands of people.


I want to thank him in the name of all those who he helped and inspired in such a wonderful way. And I want to thank as well his spirit folks who assisted him in his marvelous work. He was as well blessed to have found Coral Polge as his beloved wife. It is very rare that two people of deepest spiritual aspiration came together and were messengers of a higher world.


I imagine how it was when he passed over at the end of June meeting Coral on the other side who welcomed him and led him to the utter surprises of the beyond.

It was a blessing to the spiritual minded world that those two angelic people were allowed to roam this earth among us. Thank you God for this great blessing.


Trutz Hardo (Tom)

Sieglinde Frank

Dank an Tom Johanson

Es war mir vergönnt,  Tom in den 80iger Jahren an zwei Seminaren in Meersburg zu erleben und ich denke, es war eine sehr tiefe Erfahrung, die meinem Leben eine wichtige, wenn auch erstmal nicht sehr sichtbare Wende gab.

Als ich von einem der Seminare an meinen Wohnort zurückgekehrt war, sah ich in meinem Garten  einen Goldfasan, was  mitten in der Stadt ein völlig einmaliges Erlebnis war. Ich fühlte mit dem Vogel, denn er sah keinen Ausweg und rannte entlang der Büsche hinter dem Zaun . Wie konnte  ich ihm helfen ? So ging das für lange Zeit und ich war ratlos. Und  dann  - siehe da ! - erhob sich der Vogel und flog davon.

So wußte ich die Botschaft: erhebe Dich und sei frei ! Dein Zaun, Dein Gefängnis ist nur, daß Du nicht siehst, daß Du Dich nach oben , in den Himmel, erheben kannst und Du bist frei, weiterzufliegen und neue Erfahrungen zu machen.

Danke, Tom, daß Du mich im wahren Sinn des Wortes tatsächlich berührt hast.

Forever         Sieglinde


Dear Tom 

I am very grateful that we had the opportunity to live with such a great person like you, who opened our eyes for spiritual believes which made us stronger and took away part of our fear. Although I am sad because your body has left us I am happy at the same time because I know your spirit is with us again, smiling at us in every moment.

Thank you for your guidance and your love. You are always on my mind. 



Michael Pakleppa, London

If you know any details about copies of articles, photos, films or TV programs with Tom or Coral please let us know. There were many, but we don't have any records of them nor copies. There was also a 16mm b&w film about modern spiritualism including a scene from the New Testament - written, directed and produced by Tom. If anybody has a copy or an old 16mm print or knows of one, please let us know. We also would like to find newspaper and magazine articles or scans or copies or word files of them. Thanks for your help, Michael

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