Body Mind Spirit

"The spirit world works in some ways similar to your  mind - you can re-create your environment from memories, you can travel in the speed of a thought."

  Coral Polge

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The visionary art of

Alex Grey

is worth seeing for everybody.

Inspired by his own spiritual experience and Tibetan Buddhism is this world famous Brooklyn painter and multimedia artist. His artworks show the healing energy, the physical and psychic body, encounters with loving beings of light and confrontations with the end of matter, transformation, death and rebirth.

His multimedia project "Sacred Mirrors" allows you to see on-line on the internet the multiple states of physical and non-physical human life in a MacroMedia flash animation that lets you follow your own speed and direction.

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On this website "Chapel of Sacred Mirrors", click left "Sacred Mirrors", then top right "View the Sacred Mirrors"

Quotes by Coral Polge

"The material world is a changing illusion. It isn't real. It seems real, but you and me and all the things around us are simply a collection of atoms held together by a spiritual consciousness.

This consciousness is real and permanent. It is the only thing that will remain when the life around you falls apart. And it will, in some way. Your physical body ceases to exist, your relationships are here for some days, your belongings - they are all useful for some time and some way, but they don't last.

But the real you, your god-self is eternal. You are God, I am God, everything is God. God is a great creatie energy that feels and thinks and we are part of it. Your physical world, even your whole life can collapse, but does it matter? You are permanent, you are eternal, nothing can destroy the real you. And you are free to go on."


Quotes by Tom Johanson

about Healing

"The body is like a chemical factory controlled by and interacting with the mind and the soul. When you treat a patient as a healer you are simply transmitting the spiritual energy that is available to everybody who concerntrates silently and sincerely and is opening up  to receive it. 

The healing energy is flowing through you but it has its own mind. In a mysterious way this energy finds its own way in the patient's body and energy system - exactly where it is needed. We have been given the perfect tools to heal others and ourselves naturally.

 The key to it lies deeply in ourselves. 

All you need to start with is an honest compassion and love for people, a genuine care for every living creature. As you link with the higher sources and open up you become a channel of healing energy.

Everybody can heal on some level, if he really wants to and has sincere motives (being a famous healer and making lots of money isn't one) - there are of course the most exceptional levels, special talents of healing, psychic diagnosis and psychic surgery existing that are not comparable with this simple beginner's approach to healing. 

But if you really have the desire to help, it will grow, as you are growing in all other parts of your life. And it will be there, when you really need it and are really ready for it, for a happier life.

When you treat a physical disease through the mind and soul the body will start to produce the missing chemicals for its own healing in time. Illness is often like a wake-up call. As the consciousness is growing the body will change, too, and respond differently."